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Have you always wanted an attractive well-aligned smile which gives you confidence and gets unsolicited compliments?

What was once a cosmetic procedure which only movie stars and public figures could use and afford has now become accessible to all thanks to advances in dental technology and materials science.

These are selected pictures of Dr. Munira’s Recent Lumineers and other Dental Veneers Patients treated at StarBrite Dental’s Offices in Fremont, CA

Once you have a beautiful smile, you will immediately feel an ncrease in your self-confidence. No more embarrassment over your worn-down or crooked teeth. You will find yourself meeting friends, co-workers and even strangers with a confident smile and projecting a positive image every time.

Imagine making more friends and more easily then ever before.

All this is not only possible, but easily achievable.

You may be thinking “Veneers are pricey – How can I afford them?”

Veneers are made with cutting edge technologies and only a very skillful dentist can place them in a cosmetically pleasing way. This costs money; but it is an investment in yourself. Many excellent financing options (0% for up to 12 months) are available and should be considered. StarBrite Dental is very competitive in terms of pricing for cosmetic procedures. Our patients have told us so!.

You may be worried about how long veneers last ?

Veneers of all types last between 10 to 20 years. When properly taken care of they can last for a long time and continue to look as great as the day you had them placed. We guarantee the veneers placed at StarBrite Dental for up to five years.

You may be worried about pain or tooth reduction.

Placing Veneers does not always require tooth reduction. No-prep Lumineers are incredible and can be placed directly on existing teeth or restorations. Only when the teeth are very misaligned, that enamel reduction is required, in order to produce the most esthetically pleasing results. In all cases, working with a competent dentist and using sedation options can results is complete elimination of any discomfort associated with teeth preparation.

We have helped patients with their cosmetic dental needs from all over the Bay Area. So if you are visiting our website from San Jose, Palo Alto, Walnut Creek, Dublin, San Ramon, or Modesto you should know that we have helped patients from all these surrounding cities.