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Crowns are typically covered about 50% in most normal PPO dental insurance plans. If you have PPO insurance which covers crowns at 50%; StarBrite Dental will bill the remaining portion of our fees to the insurance company.

Sometimes, the cost of porcelain crowns may increase when additional diagnostic and or cosmetic procedures are required. For example, buildup on the tooth, bite adjustment etc. These would need to be discussed with the dentist in the consultation appointment. Remember we always strive to offer the most reasonable pricing to all our pricing to all our patients for the best available clinical and esthetic technology in the market.

ONE APPOINTMENT FOR CROWNS HAS MANY ADVANTAGES. – No need for two visits, no need for two shots of anesthetic, two time-offs from work, temporary crowns are avoided totally. StarBrite Dental is one of first dental practices in East Bay offering ONE DAY CEREC crowns. CALL US TODAY for your ONE SITTING crown appointment.

Use your remaining insurance benefits or any amounts left in your Flex plan before the end of the year or they expire and cannot be claimed back.


Dr. Munira Lokhandwala has treated more then 30,000 patients and is highly skilled in a wide range of cosmetic and restorative dental procedures. StarBrite Dental is seen a tremendous growth in the number of patients requesting cosmetic smile makeovers including crowns and bridges, and has successfully delivered astounding results to many satisfied patients.

We guarantee you will learn a lot from a direct conversation with Dr. Munira and will be pleasantly surprised at how easy it has become to get a great smile at a reasonable price