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he single most important, non-invasive cosmetic change that can greatly improve your looks is teeth whitening. A brighter white smile is attractive and will be noticed and commented on immediately.


i hes the Rembrandt in of sice linteciry and the results were better than i expect my fiance and i we thrilled with my new smaile in addition , Dr L is a wonderfull, composioncate dentist there is no reason to few the dentist any more if you come here

T, Mike Knapp
20 sep. 2004

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Stunning teeth whitening results

The color of a person’s teeth is determined by many factors. Race and genetics are probably most important in determining the baseline teeth color in individuals. But various external factors, including repeated exposure to coloring agents such as tea, coffee, red wine, smoking, etc. can have a darkening effect on the color of the teeth. Also certain medications (Antibiotics) taken in childhood, and exposure to excessive flouride can cause teeth discoloration.

Over time the discoloration becomes more and more apparent and more embarrassing. However, modern technology has developed methods to address this. Teeth whitening is the most extensive performed cosmetic dental procedure.

Before teeth whitening is performed it is very important to consult with the dentist to ensure that the general oral health is good and capable of taking the whitening treatment. We strongly emphasize this prior to teeth whitening. Teeth whitening can be broadly classified into two types. At-home and In-Office procedures.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

At-Home procedures consist of wearing a custom designed bleaching tray into which the teeth whitening agents are applied. The dentist prepares this custom bleaching tray and will instruct the patient on how often it needs to be worn to get the maximum whitening effect. Typically at-home procedures produce good results, but take longer and are more cumbersome then in-office whitening.

In-office Rembrandt teeth whitening

In-office teeth whitening involves using specially designed whitening agents in combination with plasma lights to produce dazzling results. The process involves using a high intensity dental light to promote the quick and deep release of the teeth whitening agent next to the teeth. This reduces the time required to whiten the teeth to merely about one hour in the dental chair. Due to the concentrated approach in-office teeth bleaching produces truly dazzling results. The in-office procedure is completely safe and has been well-tested by thousand of dentists.

We at StarBrite Dental use both the the ZOOM Advanced Light teeth whitening and the “Sapphire” Plasma Arc Light process developed by Rembrandt. The results of the process can be dramatic, up to 8 to 10 shades brighter teeth in one hour of treatment. We also have advanced imaging programs which will allow you to see a simulation of how dramatically your smile appearance will change once the procedure is performed.

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