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Guidelines – Patient Safety – Covid-19 Dental Treatment Protocols

We are pleased to reopen our dental practice for the health and benefit for all our wonderful dental patients and families as we work through the Covid-19 outbreak.  The following procedures are now in place for the safety of our patients and staff members.

Pre-appointment Procedures In Office Procedures Safety/Disinfecting Equipment Used
· All patients required to fill out pre-appointment Covid-19 Questionnaire. · Patient Temperature registered using no-contact IR thermometer to ensure below 100.3 oF · All rooms fogged with Hypochlorous mist several times a day.  All operatory surfaces fogged.

· Patients wait in car parking lot and call or text us to inform of arrival. We will call you to come in. · All staff equipped with PPE including N95/level 3 masks, gloves, gowns, face shields.   · Office air filtered continuously using Medify Air H13 HEPA filter and UV-C light.
· Patented Air Scrubber which generates effective pathogen killing H2O2 from ambient air moisture. 

· Touch points minimized.  Forms filled online as required on personal devices.
· All touch devices (Ipads, pens sterilized using UV-C light or alcohol wipes.
· All patients do pre-rinse with oral Molecular Iodine or H2O2.
· All patients use contactless alcohol or molecular iodine hand wash dispenser.
· Social Distancing adhered to.  Patients sitting in waiting area limited to 2 and with 6 ft distancing.
· Sneeze guards in both offices.  

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